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The Meaning of GOYA from a GOYAN

This month, I found this excerpt from St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Bethesda, Maryland. Outgoing GOYA President Manoli Anagnostiades writes in his final note to the parish what exactly it was that GOYA was to him.

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Just Fill in the Blanks

It’s not very often that we reflect on the writings of the Old Testament. They seem….scary or long-winded or…well, just plain old. But there is some merit in the writings of the Old Testament. Take, for example, the following excerpt from the book of Leviticus, Chapter 19, Verses 11-18: “You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, [...]

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The Simple Life

By: Steven Christoforou This summer, I was a counselor at Camp Saint Paul, and I finally witnessed the reality of youth today. I began to see how difficult it is to be a kid or teenager. This realization came into greater focus during a recent Boy and Girl Scout retreat at St. Basil’s Academy. During [...]

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Halloween: Not the Day, but the Way

By: Fr. John Vlahos While I was studying at the Seminary, it struck me that half of my friends had participated in Halloween throughout their childhood. They looked at Halloween as the one day of the year where they dress up in their favorite costumes and embark on a candy-gathering adventure throughout their neighborhoods. The [...]

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All those who put on Christ?

By: Nikolaos Karloutsos, Seminarian With Halloween around the corner, I was thinking about how we like to get dressed up and get reactions wherever we show up, or from whomever answers the door when we’re going trick or treating. Basically, we’re eliciting a reaction that we hope will include some sort of shock, either fear [...]

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Our True Goal in Life…

When I was growing up, people always used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. It seemed like there were so many options! Do I want to be a lawyer, a politician, a plumber? I had no idea. More important to my parents though, was not what I wanted to be, but what I wanted out of life.

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The Direct Archdiocesan District, housed at the Archdiocese in New York City, encompasses parishes in most of New York State, the western half of Connecticut, Washington, D.C. and the Bahamas. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries is led by its director, Fr. Evagoras Constantinides, and is under the pastoral care of His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios.